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Tarot, Spiritual Cleansing and Spell Breaking

Here the magic is good and guaranteed. We perform Tarot Consultations, provide the purchase for Baths, Cleansings
Spiritual Works and Spell Breakers, and whatever else you need. INTUIITION develops several types of Tarot Drawings to help you get any answer and in a way to advise you too, because contrary to what people think it is also used for Coaching and Personal Development, Professional, Sentimental etc … We guarantee absolute confidentiality, as well as all dedication and honesty. We specialize in ALWAYS helping.




INTUITION, as the name suggests, was born when I began to realize that I had a gift for so many answers that were being put to me…. Or situations that I so often anticipated… This gift that God gave me and I share with you with all my love. It wasn’t choice, it’s destiny and this journey has been magical, challenging and blessed! And it is with great pride that I share with you that my “work” has reached so many countries: France,Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Mozambique, England, Ireland, and so I’m walking my way to conquer the world!


Bath and Bath Herbs


Happy customers, very satisfied with Intuiition

My dear Marta, I have good news! I got a good, well-paid job in my field, finally! The consultation with you was so important in unlocking aspects of my life. I will be forever grateful and an eternal fan! Kisses 😘

Hello I wanted to thank you for your work. I kept thinking about everything you said and it really is amazing how not knowing me you managed to touch on points that make perfect sense according to my life.

Thanks again 🙏

Hello Marta! I came here to give feedback 😉

As you had told me, we weren’t going to finish right away but we were going to finish eventually! Everything is going as you said!

Thank you very much 🙏 See you soon!

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